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FAQs - Attorney at Law Magazine Franchise
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Attorney at Law Magazine a Sales-based business?

A: Yes, Attorney at Law Magazine and your franchise gains revenue by selling advertising, feature stories, editorial sponsorships, digital rights, extra magazines, video interview packages, as well as banner ads on the website and digital upgrades to advertisements in the digital edition. Look at your business as the opportunity to offer advertisers a very targeted product that is read by private practice attorneys. In addition, Attorney at Law Magazine has evolved into a marketing solution for lawyers and law firms. With very sophisticated content marketing opportunities, you can aid attorneys in their endeavor to market themselves.

Q: What can I earn as a Franchisee?

A: That is up to you and the work that you put into Attorney at Law Magazine. Target Market Media Publishing, LLC will provide guidance in saving money and earning money. The work and results are up to you.

Q: What is the average start up time to close my first issue and be paid?

A: While some new Publishers have closed their first issue in 30 days, the average time from orientation to closing your first issue is about eight to 10 weeks. As always, the product that comes out is a direct result of the work that the franchisee puts into the magazine. Target Market Media Publishing LLC will support publishers as they work toward their first close.

Q: Is this a full-time obligation?

A: A successful franchisee will deliver full time focus and effort to the publication of their edition.

Q: Can I operate this as a home-based business?

A: Most Publishers operate as a home-based business. Some prefer a more traditional setting with a leased office space. Keep in mind that this is not a “home-based business” as much as a field opportunity you can manage from a home office.

Q: Do I need to write or edit for the magazine?

A: Franchisees will write a “From the Publisher” letter in each issue of their magazine. It is a short letter simply introducing the issue and thanking contributors. The feature stories are written by freelance professionals. You will be responsible for hiring and maintaining writers. Most other content is submitted from local, legal industry experts. Target Market Media Publishing LLC also provides the franchisee with our in-house editors and proofreaders. They will ensure that the content fulfills the magazines quality standards.

Q: Are there growth opportunities?

A: Most Publishers launch, develop and maintain their primary publication. Depending on consistency, availability and market geography, an opportunity to publish a multi-market and/or multi-title edition is possible. This is something that can be considered or discussed further with Target Market Media Publishing.

Q: Is my magazine’s success guaranteed?

A: No. Your magazine’s success is up to you. We provide time-tested and proven tools for a successful business. You, however, must put the work into the magazine to become successful.

Q: How do I pay for the printing and shipping of the magazine?

A: This is a pass-through cost. The franchisee will be given an up-front estimate, which is due to Target Market Media Publishing, LLC. If the estimate is inaccurate, then the balance will be paid or credited after printing and mailing.

Q: What are the requirements to become a franchisee?

A: We look for certain things when choosing the publishers of our magazine. We prefer 3 years of sales experience. An undergraduate degree in Business or Liberal Studies is a bonus. We are really looking for motivated self-starters who want to work for themselves and who have the drive to be successful. We do also look for financially stable and business smart individuals.

Q: Do I need a camera or photographer?

A: Yes. The publisher is responsible for arranging and conducting photo shoots. You can make arrangements with a local photographer for all feature and cover stories. Sections like “Out on the Town,” however, require only a digital camera.

Q: What kind of investment in software will I need?

A: A current version of Microsoft Office Software must be installed, as well as, Magazine Manager, QuickBooks 2011 or newer, and FileZilla.

Q: Who handles the distribution of the magazine?

A: Target Market Media Publishing, LLC will obtain and annually update the mailing list. We will also combine all the editions when they are sent to the mail house. This will give the franchisee a significant discounted rate on mailing costs. The digital distribution list is created and maintained by the publisher.

Q: How long is orientation and when can I take it?

A: New Publisher Orientation is a five day event held in Phoenix. Orientations will be set up after the franchisee has signed the agreement and is officially a member of the Attorney at Law Magazine® family. They are usually available every few weeks. The orientation process will be very individualized, either in small groups or one-on-one.

Q: Do I need to form a corporation?

A: No. Target Market Media Publishing is able to form relationships with several different business entities: LLC’s, sole proprietorships as well as partnerships.

Q: Is there travel involved?

A: Yes. Orientation and Annual Conferences are the only out of state required travelling. Although, depending on the size of your market there could be some travel within your market to maintain a strong presence. This is an important factor to consider when choosing the boundaries of your market.

Q: Is there on-going support from Target Market Media Publishing, LLC?

A: Yes, you will have full-access to Target Market Media Publishing, LLC as well as regular conference calls. A part of our FileZilla shared server is our resource library, which offers template sales and marketing letters and other helpful tools. We are available for questions, concerns and ideas. We are there to help your edition succeed. Target Market Media Publishing, LLC is available for requested on-site sales assistance. A Sales Consultant from Target Market Media Publishing, LLC can fly out to your location and offer on-site assistance in prospecting, selling, closing deals and more.

Q: Do you supply Marketing Materials?

A:Yes, we supply all marketing materials in PDF form, including: a media kit, press pass and a custom designed business card. We also include samples of other magazine editions for marketing purposes. Essentially, we provide all media material necessary to launch your magazine. This material will be customized to the franchisee’s market and regularly updated.

Q: Is the market/territory for my magazine exclusive?

A: Yes. You have purchased your market. Target Market Media Publishing, LLC and yourself have entered into an agreement, which designates a specific geographic location as the franchisee’s exclusive territory. There may be other editions in nearby areas, but there will not be direct competition.

Q: Does the magazine have to be Monthly?

A: Target Market Media Publishing LLC has assessed the legal population levels of all areas. They have designated these areas into three different Tier levels. Tier 1 markets will need to be published monthly. Tier 2 markets will need to be published bi-monthly. Tier 3 markets will need to be published quarterly. The publisher can print more frequently if they are able, but cannot print less frequently than their market dictates.

Q: Do I own my market?

A: Yes because there is a purchase the franchisee does own their market.

Q: As the publisher, am I responsible for collections?

A: Yes, you will mail out all invoices and secure the payments from your clients.

Q: Do I need to build a website for my magazine?

A: No, the franchisee is not responsible for the creation of a website. Target Market Media Publishing, LLC provides all magazine editions with their own local website.

Q:Do I need to buy any sample supplies or marketing material from Target Market Media Publishing, LLC?

A:No. We provide all publishers with PDFs of all necessary material, including media kit material, customized contracts, a press pass, business cards, etc.

Q: How does the magazine make money?

A: There are three main products that bring in revenue: Advertising, Feature Stories and Education-Based Marketing articles. Within each of the products, there are different products that can be sold as upgrades.

Q: Can I sell the magazine as a subscription?

A: No. One of the main allurements of this magazine is the total saturation achieved through Controlled Circulation. This specific type of distribution makes the magazine more attractive to potential advertisers. The magazine needs to be free to maintain the level of readership.

Q: Can I do special issues of the magazine?

A: Yes, many of the current publishers have found this to be a great success. One of the more popular special issues that the magazine has done is Women in Law. These special issues can be accomplished in a number of ways. Target Market Media Publishing, LLC encourages the publishers to be as creative as they can when making the magazine. Special issues are a great way to bring in revenue.

Q: Is there a chance that the magazine will become fully-digital?

A: There is always a chance of anything happening, but Attorney at Law Magazine® has no plans to become fully-digital. This magazine is a print magazine. The digital edition provides a great addition to our traditional format, but is not going to replace the traditional.

Q: Who designs the magazine?

A: Target Market Media Publishing, LLC has several in-house graphic designers who will layout and design your magazine. The magazine will be approved by you before it ever goes to print. This is done to ensure that all things in the magazine are technically correct and that you are satisfied with the final product.

Q: Do you provide sales support?

A: Yes, our company brings with it almost 20 years of experience in this industry. We have tried every trick that we teach you and we help with suggestions, ideas, letters, conference calls and more. Target Market Media Publishing LLC also offers on-site assistance with sales.